Howard Green talking about modelling schools as complex learning systems. Top level purpose is about creating sustainable learning systems. Core processes for this are leadership learning, teacher learning, student learning and community learning. How do we develop rapid prototyping and feedback loops at all these levels in the organisation and how do we explore the relationships between learning at all these levels.

Learning is fractal – identity, authenticity and agency are key processes within a learning process. This works for schools as organisations as well as teachers, leaders and children. Going through the process of mode

lling is as important as the outcome – and learning from the evaluation of the prototype learning processes at all levels.

Using  data to enhance learning for the individual, the organisation  and the community. Complex data – quantitative, qualitative and narrative all captured for feedback to enhance learning.

The purpose of the school is to enhance learning and acheivement of students. The core processes through which that purpose is achieved are leadership learning, teacher learning and student learning. The challenge i.s to understand how these processes are fractal and inter-relate with each other