Social learning analytics focus on how learners build knowledge in formal and informal relationships. Ubiquitous social media which is mostly off the radar for formal education – can we make it work for learning? There’s a huge amount of free and open content – how do we help people negotiate the information, filter it and select what they need?  Living in the knowledge age…and we kno

Simon Buckingham Shum

w what sort of skills are necessary.  There’s also a growth in post-materialist values which fuels the democratisation of knowledge and social learning – or vica versa.

Rebecca Ferguson

Network Analytics: identify individuals who support my learning, people with relevant interests, and origins of conflicts. Not interested in echo chambers…what sort of groups can support learning.  OU has an intern working on network awareness….how can we tune SocialLearn to support networks.

Discourse Analytics: the ways in which learners engage in dialogue, with the ideas of others and how they relate those ideas to their own point of view and then explain it.   Disputational dialogue, cumulative dialogue, exploratory dialogue.  Using Elluminate chat to identify types of discourse.

Content Analytics: automated methods to examine, index and filter online media assets for learners. used to provide recommendations of resources tailed to he needs of an individual or group of learners. iSpot….capturing images to link to learning.

Dispositions Analytics: Dispositions can  render visible the complex mix of experience, motivation and intelligence which make up an individuals capacity to engage in learning opportunities. EnquiryBlogger ELLIment.

Context Analytics:  Seeks to understand the context of learning – and give you options which are relevant to your context at a particular place in time and space. A socialised analytic which shifts according to what people do with it.

Different Dashboard Views depending on who you are….teacher, learner, administrator….can we set them up so they make sense to the users. How can you develop them and present them usuably??

Social learning is redefining the learning landscape. It must enhance the learning process, building on extant and useful theory.